Advisory Board

Patrick Barnes, P.E., White House Champion of Change
Sujata Bhatia, Ph.D., P.E. Center for Biomedical Engineering at Harvard
Faye Briggs Ph.D., Former Intel Scientist 

Paulinus Chigbu, Ph.D.  (University of Maryland Eastern Shore, School of Marine Science)
Richard Damoah Ph.D.,
Morgan State University
Mark Wenner Ph.D., (formerly of  Inter-American Development Bank) 


Organizations Listed for Identification purposes only.

The role of the Advisory Council is to provide intellectual leadership in support of the programming activities of the Futures Forum.  The Advisory Council Members will cover a range of disciplines, industry sectors, and global regions.  Members are expected to serve on Steering Committees for at least one initiative per year; as well as if time permits serve as Experts or Reviewers for Research Proposals. 


Brain Trust

Ambassador Dr. Byron Blake, Former Assistant Secretary General of  CARICOM

Barrett Caldwell Ph.D., Purdue University

Mary Juhas Ph.D., Co-Chair, WIRES


Meshack Kinyua Ndiritu, Founder, Omarichet Space

Mary Lynn Realff, Ph.D. Co-Chair WIRES

Sabine O'Hara Ph.D..  University of the District of Columbia  

The Futures Forum will maintain a virtual think tank that integrates the knowledge of experts from around the world in all fields of Science, Engineering and Technology as well as allied disciplines in Law and Economics. 

Members of the Brain Trust support the work of The Futures Forum through participating in research projects, online surveys, and forums.   Brain Trust members may also elect to be part of Speakers Bureau.   Brain Trust members are expected to spend a few hours each year completing one of our surveys, and providing comments on or interviews on an as-needed or as avaialble basis.