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The SMART CARIBBEAN FUTURES Initiatives center around the construction of futures dialogue in the Caribbean, in partnership with the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the Caribbean Development Foresight Institute.
In Jamaica - Imagine Jamaica 50 is an Initiative aimed at opening up a dialogue among young leaders about the future of Jamaica 2030 and beyond, in commemoration of Jamaica's 50th Independence Anniversary.
Haiti -- a project called "Imagine Ayiti' was proposed following a Workshop organized by the Futures Forum and the Institute of Caribbean Studies at the World Bank in 2012.  In addition to providing an engaging educational experience for youth leaders, the aim of the project is to increase community partners’ capacity to incorporate visioning and foresighting skills in their processes, and to reach grassroots youth organizations in Haiti, that would not typically have access to the power of appreciative foresight.


The Fifty year anniversary of Jamaica's independence provided a symbolic springboard for the launch of an initiative to promote futures literacy in Jamaica. Partnering with the leading Jamaican website, a blog was launched and an Online Idea Festival. View at www,  Partnerships and sponsors are now being sought for a Student Scenario Writing Competition and Training Seminar.  To help, send email to:


"Imagine Ayiti'   is a process wherein 5,000 Haitian youth in 5 communities across Haiti would be led through a training of appreciative inquiry to envision Ayiti in 2025, and to develop action plans and projects to achieve that vision.  To accomplish this, approximately 100 youth will be trained as peer convenors, of which it is hoped that at least 25 will be from the the Haitian diaspora.   The Youth Advisory Council is led by Jean Arnaud.  To help, send email to

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