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Dr. Claire A. Nelson

Chief Ideation Leader  &   President of the Board

Dr. Claire Nelson is the Founder and Chief Ideation Leader of The Futures Forum. Listed among Forbes Top 50 Female Futurists, she is a thought leader in strategic foresight and integral development consulting, with a particular interest in global challenges.  An industrial engineer by training, she serves as Convening Chair for Global Working Group on Sustainability Engineering Body of Knowledge and Editor of Human Futures Magazine. She is also Ideation Leader and  President of the Board for Caribbean Development Foresight Institute, a  think-do tank based in the Caribbean. 


Alland Leandre

Founding Director

As President/CEO, Al leads Vyalex in providing goods and services to the Department of Defense; other government agencies and industry. Al has won numerous awards over the years including the following: FIRN’s American Success Award in 2006; MD Top-100 MBE in 2007; Entrepreneur Black Engineer of the Year in 2008. He is currently on the board of advisers at the Syracuse University School of Information Science and the foundation board of the College of Southern Maryland (CSM).


Founding Director

Chris Daley of Digital 2 Grow Media is a digital life specialist deploying cutting edge systems that attract, convert, keep, and multiply prospects and clients making them your business evangelists.  He is versed in the critical currency of intellectual property as a practicing patent Examiner in the technology of computer architecture, and is the past president of Caribbean Intellectual Property Association (CIPA), where he promoted understanding of intellectual property to the Caribbean community through workshops

Ivonne Fuller Cameron.jpg

Chief Administrative Officer

Ivonne Cameron is the CEO of ISE International Group, a healthcare, health and safety, COOP company. She is the past COO of Critical Path Solutions an 8A continuity of operations company. Ms. Cameron has over 17 years of experience in health care, preparedness, and emergency management. During her career, she has held positions such as Principal at Amsety and President & CEO, Hepatitis Foundation International

Alexandra Dolce.jpg

Legal  Counsel

Seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience using my legal, adjudicative, business and conflict mitigation skills to help NGOs, government entities and various stakeholders implement and establish strong legal reform through project management, education and consultation.


Senior Fellows

Our Senior Fellows are typically senior professionals with over ten years experience.  Together these experts have over one hundred and fifty years working with a diverse selection of industries and organizations including: cybersecurity, energy, defense, academia, and the public sector. 

Current Senior Fellows are:

Research Fellows

Research Associates 

Our Research Associates are professionals interested in learning more about futures studies and embedding strategic foresight in their area of work. 

Current Research Associates include:

Brain Trust

The Futures Forum will maintain a virtual think tank of 150 members that integrates the knowledge of experts from around the world in all fields of Science, Engineering and Technology as well as allied disciplines e.g. Law and Economics. Members of the Brain Trust support the work of The Futures Forum through participating in research projects, online surveys, and forums.  Brain Trust members are expected to spend a few hours each year completing one of our  four surveys, and providing comments on documents on an as-needed or as available basis.  The role of the Advisory Council is to provide leadership in support of the partnership and programming activities of the Futures Forum.  The Advisory Council Members will cover a range of disciplines, industry sectors, and global regions.  Members are expected to serve on Steering Committees for at least one initiative per year. 

In formation:

Ambassador Dr. Byron Blake, Former Assistant Secretary General of  CARICOM
Barrett Caldwell Ph.D., Purdue University
Tony Richardson (USAF Ret), The Capital Catalyst Group
Mary Juhas Ph.D., Co-Chair, WIRES
Paulinus Chigbu, Ph.D. University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Richard Damoah Ph.D., Morgan State University
Patrick Barnes, P.E., White House Champion of Change
Faye Briggs Ph.D., Former Intel Scientist
Mark Wenner Ph.D., (formerly of  Inter-American Development Bank). 

Organizations Listed for Identification purposes only

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