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Blue Futures Film Fest celebrates the beauty and importance of our planet.

Welcome to Blue Futures Film Fest! We showcase films created with mobile phones, focusing on environmental issues that impact Small Island Developing States (SIDS) nations. Our festival features a specific event for showcasing films from individuals aged 18-35 who reside in or have heritage from a SIDS nation. Join us to explore and learn more about our upcoming events and activities.

Join us for the Blue Futures Film Fest

May 24th - 26th

Submit Your Film by MAY 17th!



Camille Selvon

Camille Selvon is an activist in the realm of digital media, renowned for her leadership as the head of the animation department at The University of Trinidad and Tobago. As the visionary behind the pioneering Animae Caribe Festival, she has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of the animation and new media sector throughout the Caribbean for over two decades. Camille's advocacy for inclusion and representation has reverberated on a global scale, evident in her engagements such as the United Nations MIPAD forum in New York. Her influence extends to international platforms like the Creative Africa Nexus in Cairo, where she shared insights on Caribbean sector development and the importance of Diaspora networking. Notably, her efforts secured funding for the TTAP Factory, a pioneering initiative facilitating digital content creation and global outsourcing opportunities.

Camille's accolades, including prestigious awards like the Royal Television Society Student Award and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival Pioneer in Film Award, underscore her significant contributions to the industry. She has cultivated an extensive network of industry professionals, bridging connections between professionals from Disney, Pixar, EA Games, Laika Studios and others.


Grow Sign up for SIDS Blue Futures Workshop: Mobile Device FilmMaking for the Planet
APRIL 27th @ 11 AM EDTVision

A FREE online workshop for (SIDS) Small Island Developing States youth to learn filmmaking for climate change using mobile devices.

Where SIDS Filmmakers Show Us Their World Through Short Films

Blue Futures Film Fest is a pioneering platform for creatives from Small Island Developing States (SIDS), to share their stories through visual storytelling. It offers a space for filmmakers aged 18-35 from SIDS across the Caribbean,  Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans to address environmental and climate challenges unique to SIDS and to present aspirational narratives of overcoming these obstacles. Aligned with the UN Conference on SIDS, and the goals of  World Environment Day, and World Ocean Day, this film festival empowers emerging talents to explore and advocate for environmental issues through short films created on mobile phones. Participants capture the essence of their surroundings, highlighting ecological conservation efforts and celebrating the rich biodiversity of SIDS. The festival aims to raise awareness about environmental concerns while showcasing the cultural significance of SIDS heritage. Merging creativity with advocacy encourages the next generation to become stewards of their environment and cultural legacy, fostering a sense of pride and responsibility for a sustainable future.

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Requirements for participation:

  1. Between the ages of 18 and 35

  2. Reside or have heritage belonging to a SIDS country

  3. Have access to the internet

  4. Have access to mobile devices with a camera

  5. The film should be no longer than 10 minutes long

  6. The film must include the phrase "Our Oceans Are One."

  7. No branded content, No coarse language, sexual or violent content

  8. Must consist of separate behind-the-scenes clip or Image to prove the use of a mobile device to create the film

Blue Futures Film Fest Workshop Video

Blue Futures Film Fest Workshop Link for the presentation

Caribbean Youth EcoVision Workshop Mobile Phone FilmMaking for the Planet Banner.png

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