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With 17 goals, 169 indicators and 243 targets to consider, defining how a business impacts on each of the  SDGs can get complicated.
​Identifying how your business can help and contribute positively towards the SDGs, as well as how your might hinder and impact negatively on them is a good place to begin to align your company's future with the global future.

A SDG Impact Assessment also helps to identify the opportunities for what might be coming next.

TFF specializes in the application of integral systems sustainability engineering and strategic foresight, and integrates this expertise with experiential learning; and insights gained from a variety of other strategic analytic tools.  Our processes are collaborative and co-creative and highly customizsed.

We focus on whole systems assessment, which enables us to highlight opportunities and vulnerabilities that are less likely to emerge in conventional project and/or policy analysis.

Taking a global perspective simply will not work - as there is no single, global approach to the SDGs, an individual local country (or even regional) approach is required.

We help you to focus on the priorities and challenges of the city, region, or country you’re operating in.

We help you get a head-start on how best to align your business strategy as well as your CSR strategy to the SDGs.


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Success like Life is a journey.  Sometimes the terrain is wild, untamed and rugged, sometimes-- manicured, predictable and orderly.  Whether your organization is five of five hundred employess, whether a small corporation, a non-profit, or a small consulting practice, your goal is the same --SUCCESS! 

What is… SMART ...Strategic.  Measurable.  Aspirational.  Relevant.  Tactical....  FORESIGHT?.


Smart Foresight is a process by which you discover insights about the preferred future.  Look at the landscape in which you are planted.  Envision your organization as you would like to be in the next ten years.  Audit its strengths and weaknesses.  Plan your next one hundred days!  Step up and get ready to step out in the direction of success with a MAP in hand.  

In this workshop, participants will write a short scenario of their desired future based on their aspirations using the rapid snapshot approach.  Create an Action Plan for the next THIRTY Days, by using data and information around you to derive wisdom for planning the preferred future..


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With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the IAF has developed a set of scenarios describing the alternative futures of vulnerability and vulnerable populations in the U.S. in the year 2030. Scenarios developed by IAF describe how the critical connections between health and social circumstances may evolve over time, suggesting new opportunities to reduce vulnerability.

Using Materials created during the project as a spring board, including forecasts for ten key drivers shaping the future of vulnerability, your organizations can use IAF Scenarios or create your own.. for examining your long-term thinking on Winning the Future 2030.


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STRATEGIC VISONING (for organizations & communities)

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IMAGINE YOU Inc. (for leaders and solopreneurs) 

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