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The Futures Forum is a not-for-profit education and research practice established to improve long-range thinking and planning for the future through thought leadership, research and development, advocacy, education and training.  Not just for futurists, we support organizations, communities, and industry, to create preferred futures.

Einstein said, 'it is not possible to solve problems at the same level  they were created'.

The challenges we face are increasingly complex as rapid change makes all life more uncertain.  Against this backdrop,  The Futures Forum supports decision making that is well versed in systems and strategic thinking, and provides contextual intelligence needed to help decision makers to exercise creative judgment, and achieve critical success.

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We bring together the systemic lens of science, engineering and technology to help to explore how to take more effective decisions and actions in the face of the complex, multifaceted issues that threaten the common good.  We assist in navigating the landscape of future challenges, examining issues that have no easy answers, and where traditional analytical approaches often fail to address our dynamic reality.

TFF specializes in the application of integral systems sustainability engineering and strategic foresight, and integrates this expertise with experiential learning; and insights gained from a variety of other strategic analytic tools.  Our processes are collaborative and co-creative and highly customizsed.

We focus on whole systems assessment, which enables us to highlight opportunities and vulnerabilities that are less likely to emerge in conventional project and/or policy analysis. 


We add value to the strategy creation process by the use of foresight tools and processes in the strategic thinking component of strategic planning.   By combining the skills of technology assessment, technology foresight and artistry of storytelling, our strategic foresight practice is aimed at developing the capacities of individuals, organizations and communities to thrive and to create thriving and sustainable futures.


The Futures Forum (TFF) specializes in helping organizations and institutions, adapt and grow more effectively and more responsibly in the face of mounting uncertainty — whether it's uncertainty about their future, the future of their industry, or the future of the world at large.  Our processes are collaborative and co-creative and highly customized.

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Through our for-profit arm,  Sagient Futures LLC, we also undertake consultancies, and confidential research activities for organizations in the private sector who seek support to create sustainable futures. 

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